Corona Chronicle

Honored to have my essay “My Timeline Stops March 10, 2020” in The Corona Chronicle, a charitable anthology capturing insights, emotions, and observations of real New Yorkers during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic.

Limited to 150 copies, the first edition is available for pre-order here, and 50% of all proceeds benefit the Food Bank For New York City, provider of 121 million free meals per year to New Yorkers in need.

Black book cover with silver imprint of The Statue of Liberty

The anthology is a result of Ellipsis Rare Books 2020 essay contest. The top 10 entries selected are presented in a thematic order aimed to reflect a unique and ephemeral time in New York City’s history and include original writing from Hannah Berger, Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons, Gulshan Ashaque, Brahna Yassky, Robert Salzman, Tim Eberle, Seema Bajaria, Megan McNeary, Zoe Valery, and Alexander Cavaluzzo.

Limited to 150 copies, each first edition of The Corona Chronicle anthology is hand numbered by project editor and Ellipsis Rare Books proprietor, Andrew Lenoir, who also offers a short contextual forward. The book was also designed by and features original artwork from Charlotte Anderson.